Monday, June 14, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg--global warming as bad as terrorism

Pooley on WNYC today (local NPR affiliate) astonishingly claims to care about the earth, but does not use his air time to promote urgently needed aid for the US Gulf coast. More proof the so-called environmental movement is dead, exposed as an elaborate money making scheme.

They are helping to set up, in effect, a global system of carbon laundering...

  • that will give the impression of action,
  • but no substance....

So it has come to this. After decades of slowly creeping corporate entanglement,

some of the biggest environmental groups have remade themselves in the image of their corporate backers: they are putting profit before planet. ... It seems the US "green" groups have come to see the world it can be immediately coaxed to pass. ... By definition, if a bill can pass through today's corrupt Senate, then it will not be enough to prevent catastrophic global warming. Why?
  • Because the bulk of the Senate – including many Democrats – is owned by Big Oil and Big Coal." ...****
Two months into an urgent environmental disaster on US soil about which nothing has been done despite images of oil-choked, staggering, suffering birds, here is yet another hypocrite in a hurry. All that carbon trading cash bursting on the sidelines. Mr. Pooley, if you care at all about the environment, why did you not devote your media time to urge immediate focus on protection of the US coast land and wildlife? How ignorant can one person be? Of course his WNYC interviewer did not disagree with him. Cut back on carbon if that's what you want to do, but close down the cap and trade business, make it a crime to participate. He'll never do that because carbon trading is the whole thing, was up and running before anyone ever heard of climate scientists.
  • Pooley and "caring" people want selfish ignorant rubes to just shut up and become a slave to global billionaires and thugs, turn over more of our finite time and energy on earth, our "taxes", to good guys like him and the UN. Perhaps Pooley's desperation is in part because he knows we are in a worsening depression and his window is closing too.
  • NONE OF HIS TAXPAYER SUBSIDIZED 'GREEN' SCAMS WILL propel our CARS. ie WE WILL STARVE TO DEATH IN OUR DECREPIT HOMES UNDER HIS PLAN. The so-called electric car industry cannot possibly replace what we're now driving no matter how much tax money is diverted to broke electric car scam artists.
  • See 5/27/10, Tesla founder, "I ran out of cash." venturebeat
Even Arianna Huffington says the middle class is dead and we're becoming a third world country (6/9/10). It's over, Mr. Pooley.Obama advocated Spain as a model for a "green" society, lots of government subsidized "green" business, but it has already failed miserably, see below, 5/21/10, La Gaceta, "Spain admits that the green energy as sold to Obama is a disaster," (text from article by Cristina Blas on attached blog). La Gaceta, 5/21/10. Spain unemployment 20%, 4/30/10.
Bloomberg has its own global warming website, New Energy Finance, and is big in carbon trading. Pooley's book, what he has instead of a heart. ed. photo of book and author from web site.
  • 3/18/09 on Brown Shirt Tactics: "These are brown shirt tactics effectively just
  • shouting down any opponents and preempting debate.
What our congressional representatives of both parties and all ideologies owe the American people is a thorough demonstration in public hearings and floor debates as to why a trillion dollars or more in additional costs on our economy to fight global warming, as well as a sharp decline in the American standard of living, and losses of several million jobs and trillions in lost economic growth, are justified."... They think 'realists' are financed by big money. HaHaHa. ------------------------------------------- Reference: 2/12/2008, "Mayor Compares Threat of Global Warming to Terrorism," NY Sun, Benny Avni


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