Saturday, June 12, 2010

MLB umpiring executive Solomon reassigned-NY Times

NY Times, Schmidt, 6/11/10: "The executive who oversaw Major League Baseball’s umpires for the past five years has been reassigned in a clear indication of Commissioner Bud Selig’s unhappiness with the quality of umpiring in recent years.
  • The executive, Jimmie Lee Solomon, has overseen on-the-field operations, which includes umpiring and security, since his appointment as executive vice president for baseball operations in 2005. He will now oversee baseball’s academies in the United States and Puerto Rico, minor league operations and the annual Civil Rights Game.

Selig said in a written statement that the Hall of Fame outfielder Frank Robinson, who has been a special assistant in the commissioner’s office, will now oversee baseball operations, umpiring and security.

Several people within baseball have said that the quality of umpiring has deteriorated since Solomon took over in 2005, replacing the longtime baseball official, Sandy Alderson."...

  • About interim boss John McHale, he's a big fan of global warming, the kind with carbon trading, which is entirely separate from being a fan of clean air and water:
MLB executive John McHale appears on Sierra Club Radio, 7/5/08-: In citing views of school children as reason to trigger billions in climate 'reparations' from US citizens to foreign dictators, McHale appears to credit Al Gore's movie in his 3/11/08 statement from an MLB.com article (Gore's movie was distributed to and shown in public schools as fact in many cases. It has since been proven to be other than fact but many children to this day believe what they saw in it. British courts ruled it a work of politics). The 2008 All Star game was a stage for global warming profiteers.


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