Saturday, June 12, 2010

Media watchdogs to be put on gov. payroll via FTC, billions in new taxes to be collected and re-allocated by federal gov.

6/12/10, Dawes, "The Internet is the best mechanism ever invented for the distribution and promotion of baseless conspiracy theories. But it is also a matchless device for distributing information on true, and truly disturbing, developments. Case in point: the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC's) recently
Those who have read the 35 page document are mostly left agog by its absurd reach and its dangerous suggestions.
Among the items under discussion: Enhanced postal subsidies for newspapers, which already have their own uniquely cheap postage rates.
  • The formation of a new journalism cadre within the AmeriCorps.
The estimated $35 billion required to keep traditional journalism afloat would be raised via several mechanisms, including a check-off box on tax returns. Those who are sympathetic to the industry's plight -- nationwide they must number in the dozens -- could send a portion of their tax return to ameliorate the woes of the nation's MSM.... Critics have quickly dubbed this plan the "Drudge Tax," but it would also impose new taxes on others, including Digg and the Huffington Post. The paper also floats a proposal to add a five percent tax on consumer electronics, producing an estimated $4 billion annually.
  • These funds would be distributed by the FTC."....(the federal government)
from the American Thinker, 6/12, "Putting the watchdogs on the payroll"


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