Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ben Fong-Torres listens to baseball broadcasters across the country

Baseball fans now can hear and see pretty much any game they want, live, by way of satellite radio, MLB TV and the Internet. I've sampled enough out-of-town games to appreciate all the more the broadcasters we have for the Giants and the A's. I haven't taken notes as I've tuned into various games, but, oh, the homers. Not home runs, but announcers who sound as if they've been bought and paid for by their clubs - which, in many cases, they have.

But where our guys are measured, and let loose only when it's called for,

  • there are guys in Chicago, for both teams there, who root-root-root their way through games. There are announcers who call their teams "the good guys."

There's the Atlanta Braves announcer watching a deep fly ball: "Get up! Get up! Stay high enough!" Yes, we have "Grab some pine, Meat!" from Mike Krukow, but, mostly, he's an affable commentator alongside Duane Kuiper, who's cool until a Giant slams one high, deep and "OUTTA here!"

  • Equally relaxed and relaxing are Jon Miller and Dave Flemming, who also anchors an entertaining postgame show....

Across the bay, Ken Korach, Vince Cotroneo and Ray Fosse are also nicely balanced between a low-key presentation of info-packed play-by-play and high energy for key plays. We've got it good."...


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