Saturday, May 01, 2010

Rape Trees just fine; Mexico's long documented brutal treatment of immigrants to its own country gets free pass amid US/Arizona bash fest

Mexico has much more elaborate rules for entering their country than the US does, freely asks for ID, and is widely known Why does MLB encourage teams to travel to Mexico when its non-Mexican members are under threat of much harsher examination than would be experienced by players under US federal and Arizona law? Didn't Mexico's policies receive a wink and a nod from MLB when it was given the economic windfall of the World Baseball Classic? MLB eagerly plays games in Mexico, 3/14, MLB.com: "The afternoon marked the ninth time (MLB's) Arizona (Diamondbacks) traveled to Hermosillo for a game in the city. Last year, the D-backs played Team Mexico. The club has

Fittingly, the Rockies played the part of the visitor Sunday. The D-backs, who play their home games 300 miles north at Chase Field, were the home team.

"These are Diamondbacks fans. We have developed a good relationship with Sonora and the city of Hermosillo over the years and

  • we cherish that.
  • I rotate bringing members of the staff so that can see it from a cultural standpoint and how the fans love the game so much."...

""This is the future of baseball for us," (D'backs' Luis)Gonzalez said....

  • The history between Mexico and the Major Leagues runs deep."...

from MLB.com, 3/14/10, by Jesse Sanchez, "Fans cheer for D'backs, Rox in Mexico, Clubs continue tradition of games south of the border"

  • Why does MLB encourage and cherish a relationship with a country that treats immigrants so brutally and dare to question the United States relatively bland method of trying to defend its terrified residents?
"Arizona Sheriff says cops are being killed by illegal aliens," Violence has reached epidemic proportions, April 20, 2010, cns news service Arizona deputy shot by illegal alien taken to hospital, 4/30, ap


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