Friday, April 30, 2010

A weak excuse by MLBPA against a law already in place

  • Banner from group protesting last week in Arizona. There is endless money to support chaos, anarchy, violent crime, and death. There is almost no money or sympathy for the other side. via Arizona Republic via Michelle Malkin.
(the Arizona state law which is the same as existing federal law that simply hasn't been enforced in violation of its duty to its residents) ed. 4/30, AP
  • Most people carry id as they can be asked for it for a variety of reasons. Should everyone object to this now? There is apparently plenty of money behind continuing chaos, anarchy, and brutal death. ed.
Update: Another misleading headline, this time from the NY Times. I check in tonight and see on their website the dramatic headline, "Ballplayers join protest of new law," by Michael S. Schmidt. They fooled me, as no ballplayers have done so per their article. The Times frames the story in its opening sentences in which they reference (a few completely uninformed straggling ed.) protesters outside Wrigley Field. So now I'm ready to hear names of elite baseball players who picketed. But no players joined in any protests anywhere, nor even made a statement, per the article. (I notice later tonight an AP story with helpful quotes from Ozzie Guillen saying he won't go to an All Star game in Arizona. Cesar Izturis is also quoted saying the law is wrong. Fine. They can avoid Arizona and the entire United States if it bothers them so much).The Times article just rehashed the Players Union statement. No protest, just a statement. The Times headline and story open created a space in readers' minds where a few straggling completely uninformed persons outside Wrigley might behave in similar fashion with elite MLB players, or even the MLBPA, but the promise was never delivered, no evidence of ballplayers or even the union picketing anywhere. The National Enquirer makes a more honest living than the NY Times in my opinion. And of course the law is not new, just a re-statement of federal law which was not being enforced. ed.
  • Update 3:02 am May 1: Latest twisted headline from the NY Times on its website, turning the story upside down, guiding readers to think it's something it's not:


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