Thursday, April 29, 2010

If Diamondbacks get lower attendance, they'll just get more revenue sharing from the Yankees

  • Oakland A's Brad Ziegler is the man:
"All that said, back to the boycott issue: I was just stating that I don’t think boycotting D-backs games is going to be an effective way of protesting a non-sports issue.
  • just get more $ from the big-market clubs after the season.
The owners are not going to be affected nearly as much as a casual fan thinks they would be. And I was just saying that I (as a fellow player) would never wish for (and support) smaller crowds for baseball games."...
  • From a letter Ziegler wrote to Oakland A's fans, a small part of which referenced his brief non-incendiary mention of the existence of a state law in Arizona that merely copies existing federal law which is not being enforced. (Mr. Ziegler doesn't mention the Yankees, I made that extension about revenue sharing). ed.
from SB Nation, A's Nation, "A letter to the fans from Brad Ziegler," 4/29
  • via Baseball Musings


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