Friday, April 30, 2010

Headlines on Yahoo MLB fan the flames

Two headlines on Yahoo MLB lead readers in the wrong direction, ie frame the Arizona situation in a catastrophic way. Headlines frame how a story may be received by many people (whether true or not). Many see headlines who don't have time to get the full story behind them. The Arizona law referenced only mirrors existing federal law that was not being enforced. There should be no difference in the lives of minor league players or alarm by Bud Selig. To even get on an airplane in the United States everyone needs identification. Wasn't it unsafe for players in a state where residents' safety has long been neglected? If it bothers Bud Selig, he should close down his Arizona empire in which his son-in-law is installed.
  • Headlines:
1. " The impact of the new immigration law on Latino ballplayers could be especially troublesome for young minor leaguers. "
2. "Baseball alarmed by Arizona immigration law

(I refer here only to the headlines for reasons stated above). ed.


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