Monday, March 22, 2010

Two sets of tv announcers for 2010 MLB All Star game

"As part of July's (MLB All Star game) coverage, Fox will deploy two sets of announcers, one for the conventional 2D broadcast that most viewers will see and one for DirecTV's 3D coverage. I asked Goren if the announcers doing 3D will require special training in the new technology. "It's an interesting question," he says. During game action the announcers focus is on the field of play. But during replays,
  • "do the announcers put on 3D glasses to look at the 3D monitors? Right now we don't have an answer for that."

I also asked Goren if Fox plans more 3D coverage of sports. His answer was revealing. "If somebody wants to fund it," he said. "During (the transition to HD), the people who manufacturer the equipment and TVs did very well selling new equipment. We're not in the business of selling TV sets. We're not incurring the cost of 3D."

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