Saturday, March 20, 2010

Al Gore Live Earth award winning biodiesel supplier poisoned river, killed animals in UK

Al Gore's company, Alliance for Climate Protection, received all 11/3/07, The Sun, UK, 'Eco Firm Fined for Polluting,'
  • Hundreds of fish, frogs and birds died over a three-mile stretch of a river near Tredegar, South Wales.

The firm admitted emitting a noxious substance and was fined £19,000 by JPs in Abergavenny.

  • The award-winning company, which
2. 9/24/08, "WalesOnline.co.uk reports that Bio Tech Oils in the U.K. has ceased trading and reported a loss of seven jobs. The waste biodiesel company was one of the first to commercially sell biodiesel to Wales.
  • The company is looking for a buyer to save the business." ****
Now defunct AIG attended and was big supporter of Live Earth concert and global warming 'investments.' Such investments begin with the premise that catastrophic global warming has happened, is mainly the fault of the US, US taxpayers must give billions every year for "reparations," surrender their lives, their families and their sovereignty to third world criminals at the UN who will run carbon trading scams.


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