Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rainforests become monstrous cash machines in the name of 'saving the planet'

Concerned only with the planet's safety and 'security,' carbon profiteers are focused on the US Senate's ongoing back room deals to "put a price on carbon," or in plain English, to strangle what is left of the US middle class via the massive hoax of global warming and give it to those who deserve it more-very rich people hiding behind an elaborate environmental scam. "The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and other green campaign groups talking up the destruction of the Amazon rainforests are among those who stand to This “green gold-rush” involves taking control of huge tracts of rainforest supposedly gained from carbon dioxide emissions they claim will be “saved”.
  • Backed by a $30 million grant from the World Bank,
the WWF has already partnered in a pilot scheme to manage 20 million acres in Brazil.
  • If their plans get the go-ahead in Mexico at the end of the year, the forests will be worth over
$60 billion in carbon credits”, paid for by consumers in “rich” countries
  • for goods and services.
The prospect of a billion-dollar windfall explains the sharp reaction to the “Amazongate” scandal, in which the IPCC falsely claimed that up to 40 percent of the rainforest could be at risk from even a slight drop in rainfall.
  • Here, the IPCC was caught out again making unsubstantiated claims based on a WWF report.

But unlike the “Glaciergate” affair where its claim that Himalayan glaciers would melt by 2035 was conceded to be an “error”, the IPCC stood firm on its Amazon claim, stating that the assertion was “correct”. What makes the difference is that there is

  • Amazonian trees, however, are potentially worth billions....
Carbon trading itself presents a very valuable income stream for investment and finance houses, which are
  • well-represented on the boards of environmental charity allies and donor foundations.
All of these can be relied upon to provide generous support for future activities, funded in part from carbon trading."... Reference, Telegraph UK by Christopher Booker, 3/20/10, "WWF hope to find $60 billion growing on trees"
  • "Just as alarming to the WWF and its allies, who were hoping to make billions from Brazilian forests, has been the failure of the US Senate to approve the cap and trade bill championed by President Obama. Since the
EU has excluded the rainforests from its own cap and trade scheme, The price of carbon on the Chicago Climate Exchange has just plummeted to its lowest-ever level, 10 cents a ton. "....(item near end of article) The World Bank, photo from EUReferendum via WUWT.... Finally, NY Times on the Senate's deliberations, seriously: "One of the biggest questions facing the Senate trio involves whether to
  • auction off most of the allowances
  • or
give them away to industry constituents."...2/24/10, "Carbon Pricing Sticks out as Senate Climate Bill's Main Obstacle" by Darren Samuelsohn of ClimateWire.
  • Really. Why any question? The man made invention of man made global warming is the greatest crime against humanity in history. Anyone in the US Senate who does not work to defeat this bill should go to jail. My opinion. ed.


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