Monday, March 22, 2010

The WWF and Eco-Imperialism

Telegraph UK: "Because the activist body in question has a lovely, cuddly panda as its motif, and a reputation – brainwashed into children from an early age – for truly caring about the state of our planet. "But why does the story matter so much? Because it goes to the heart
  • of what is truly
the way democratically unaccountable – but quite astonishingly well-fundedactivist groups like
  • the WWF (annual income: £400 MILLION) have been able to subvert the scientific process, and
coax and bully politicians into making policies which will benefit the environment barely one jot, but which will fleece the taxpayer, increase energy bills, and make a handful
  • of filthy rich investors even richer. If this scheme ever comes off – and it still might, if Americans are foolish enough to vote for Cap and Trade – then the WWF will have the financial clout
of decent mid-ranking economy and a political influence as great as any G8 nation. For WWF, read New World Order." Reference, Telegraph UK by Christopher Booker, 3/20/10, "WWF hope to find $60 billion growing on trees" via Tom Nelson. photo of book cover "Eco-Imperialism" from EUReferendum ***
  • The head of the 2007 UN Climate Report was installed by Saudi Arabia according to East Anglia email 4/22/2002. Has he been publicly ridiculed as a tool of big oil? No. There is plenty of money to be made by oil companies in deals with the warming industry and they're already underway. It's a matter of public record, but many don't hear about it because US media won't report it (some media companies are heavily invested in the industry as well). This issue is mainly about trillions in carbon trading, and some oil companies are already involved in carbon offset deals. It's not the oil companies that are the problem. If it were we would have been drilling our own oil decades ago. ed.


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