Saturday, March 20, 2010

Green in the red--RGGI Carbon trading price drops one third from June 2009

Someone is losing in carbon deals, articles don't suggest who that is. They also don't say how much the online auction trading house made vs evil United States climate criminals. At RGGI's March 10, 2010 auction, prices rose 2 cents from the December price but supply continued to exceed demand.
  • "More than 40.6 million carbon allowances sold at a price of $2.07 on Wednesday, March 10. That's up from 28.6 million allowances sold at the previous auction in December, when the average selling price was $2.05 per allowance.

However, prices have fallen about a third since June 2009, when the average price was $3.23."...

  • 3/15/10, SustainableBusiness.com has a deceptively cheery title, "Carbon Trading up 42% in latest RGGI auction" ****
12/4/09: "The nation's only government-mandated carbon market continues to suffer from weak pricing for emission allowances, a condition that analysts say could
  • persist through the program's lifetime.

Prices slid again in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative's (RGGI) sixth auction for 2009 emissions allowances to $2.05 per short ton of carbon dioxide equivalent, the Northeast pact announced here today. The previous auction netted $2.19 per ton in September....

"You're going to have these excess allowances that will continue to carry over to future years, which is why we think that prices will remain depressed going forward.""...

~~As bad as this is, it will be used as 'proof' that catastrophic man made global warming exists, can be 'cured' by cap and trade, is primarily caused by US citizens, therefore US taxpayers must pay billions every year in 'reparations' to various global criminals, and must surrender sovereignty of our nation, our lives and our families to third world criminals at the United Nations. All for something that does not exist. ed. ~~


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