Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Nobel winning results of Climategate crew were to justify enslavement of America, so we are entitled to every detail and are still waiting.

BBC: "Dr. Benny Peiser...said that sound science was based on "testability, replication, and verification"....
  • "You cannot even see if he has done these calculations directly on the basis of solid data, and this is the core of this problem -

it is not about the overall science, it is about the process."...

  • Prof. Jones says withholding data was "standard practice." A bigger shock, the so-called "scientific" journals, impenetrable fortresses guarding his theories never asked for substantiation of them. On this flimsy basis, we were supposed to collapse in tears and submit to international domination by Soros and his thug pals:
"He also said the scientific journals which had published his papers
  • had never asked to see it (raw station data)."...
MetroUK: "Prof Phil Jones told MPs he had refused to release some data about his work but insisted it was standard practice to do so.
  • When he was challenged about one e-mail in which he told a sceptic he did not want to give him data because it would be misused, he said: ‘I have obviously written some pretty awful e-mails.’

But the director of the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit insisted the scientific findings on climate change were verifiable....

He told the science and technology committee the centre

  • did withhold raw station data about global temperatures from around the world.

But he pointed out the same information was publicly available in the US. He also said

  • had never asked to see it."

from MetroUK.com by Jo Steele, "Global Warming Climategate Prof. Phil Jones held back information," 3/1/10 *******

if you want to claim that you are engaging in science, the programs are in your possession and

  • not regard you as a scientist;
I would also regard any papers based on the software as null and void."...Ince, UK Guardian


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