Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jay Greenberg Best & Worst in NY Sports-NY Post

Greenberg has 3 candidates in each category.
  • 1. Joba Chamberlain, Yankees: Three-plus pitches that recommended him for a starting role didn’t help him get the same guy out three times rather than just once. As a rule, most relievers are failed starters.
  • 2. Devin Harris, Nets: Can’t defend the lane. Or 6-52. Fails to make teammates better, only remnants of fan base bitter. Eventually filling his predecessor’s sneaks? You gotta be Kidding.
  • 3. Jason Bay, Mets: Beware of free agents coming off career years. Particularly, a Fenway year. Team says it must get more athletic, then ties itself for five years to a friendly guy in a park unfriendly to his strengths."...
"Jay Greenberg's 14th annual NY sports rankings," NY Post, 2/23, updated 2/28/10

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