Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mike Richter promotes global warming without mentioning his climate business interests

NHL Hall of Fame goalie Mike Richter preaches catastrophic man made global warming which he says deprives his son the sight of iced ponds and is a threat to national security. Richter does not mention his financial ties to the climate industry in the article nor readily available records about Vancouver's typically mild climate.
  • Many scan an article or don't have time to read to the very end. In this case, even if they did, no one would know of Richter's financial ties to the subject
  • about which he emoted and cited national security concerns.
People also may not assume key information would be withheld, not to say intentionally, in articles from McClatchy. Especially when a publisher takes the extra step of identifying Richter's ties to an "equity group" and leaves out the word "climate" which makes all the difference.
  • The connection doesn't automatically make him or his business interest wrong though one would have to be ignorant of the news not to consider the point. Readers should not be deprived of the business connection in any case.
Suggesting Vancouver's normal climate is a victim of global warming, Richter mentions snow needing to be trucked to Vancouver, which residents of Vancouver could tell you was not surprising. While he allows that weather is not necessarily climate, he says this sight could draw world attention to the problem of global warming. Vancouver's average climate in February does not yield snow. He goes on to claim that recent weather conditions in Boston showed a "poignant connection with climate change."


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