Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Chan Ho Park's first choice was Phillie

Chan Ho Park said salary negotiations went off the track and it got too late to fix them. It's suggested Charlie Manuel may have been reluctant to have Park back. That Manuel prefers players to perform while injured which Park didn't like to do:
  • "One potential reason for the Phils' lack of aggressiveness in bidding for Park was manager Charlie Manuel's view that the righthander was not always willing to pitch through minor injuries. In complimenting Baez and Contreras last month as pitchers who would never refuse to take the ball, Manuel was likely offering tacit criticism of Park.

"I was disappointed in what he said," Park said. "That's what he thinks, but I don't think it has any meaning. He still is my favorite manager. I didn't talk to him, and I didn't believe it" when he first heard about the comments.

"But who cares? He's still my favorite manager. The whole team; they're the best. That's why it's so difficult to leave. The fans, especially the fans. They're the best."" by Andy Martino, 3/1

  • This account provides a different view than a 2/23 Phillie.com article by David Murphy which mainly said Park went to the Yankees for less money. 3/1 article via mention of commenter on lohudyankee

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