Monday, February 15, 2010

Conformo-Radicalism--coolness of thinking alike

"That’s the metrosexual ninny in the Audi ad:
  • Thinking the way
  • everyone else thinks has never felt
The good news is, as in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, there are still a few hold-outs....
  • But it’s awfully late in the day. The end is near, we face the final curtain, and it’s an open question whether the spirit...can triumph over the soporific, sophomoric, self-flattering conformism of that Audi ad: Groupthink compliance has never felt so right!"
"The New Conformo-Radicalism," by Mark Steyn, 2/13/10 *****
  • In baseball information, if you crave to be on the money side, crave to be of a fraternity, then you will be a stenographer for Bud Selig's pet beliefs-or at least treat them gently. If you're a young, palpitating kid with a blog you're a good bet to fold like a cheap camera. Try looking in a mirror as you read Bud's propaganda presented as your own fact/opinion. Remember to say things like,
  • "Make no mistake..." proving you're utterly without a conscience. Envision your appearance on ESPN, job waiting at MLB.com, enshrinement on one of Selig's Hall of Fame review committees.
  • All because you conformed. You sold out. Your parents get an F for raising you.
P.S. Selig has 2 main obsessions: one, his own image. Two, the elevation of a particular baseball player's image from what it is to something much better, which it is not. Like everything else, he can only accomplish these distortions with willing media partners. ed. All images from original film Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Kevin McCarthy dodging cars from daviddarling.com McCarthy and Dana Wynter from imdb.


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