Wednesday, December 16, 2009

MLB teams exposed to carbon offsets may lose money

12/15/09, Globe & Mail: "In mid-2008 – when both Republican and Democratic presidential nominees were backing cap-and-trade
  • the price for credits topped $7 (U.S.) per tonne of CO{-2} emissions.
From MLB.com, 4/22/08 citing its purchase of 'carbon offsets':
  • "Major League Baseball...has stepped up in 2008 as
a powerful leader in the global green movement.... You will just see it emphasized more on this day around the game, sometimes in ways that you won't know, Seattle Mariners buy carbon offsets:
  • 58,000 kWh of "green power" credits from the Seattle City Light Green Up program.
  • This is part of a much broader overall initative, all posted on the club's Web site. "We know that just buying carbon offsets isn't enough," said Howard Lincoln, the Mariners' chairman and CEO.
  • "This is not a one-time event for us."...
Cincinnati Reds buy carbon offsets:
  • "Teaming with Duke Energy, the Reds purchased carbon credits to offset the estimated fossil fuel emissions related to game-day operations at Great American Ball Park."
"Tampa Bay Rays buy carbon credits: Phillies make biggest carbon offset buy in pro sports to date 5/1/08 2008 All Star game used to burnish interests of carbon offsets dealers chart above from ChicagoClimatex.com 12/14/09


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