Friday, December 11, 2009

Peter Gammons on the mystery of Mo

Peter Gammons: "And the other thing that I think is really frustrating to Red Sox fans is that when you look at the Yankees veteran players that have been there for 14, 15 years, they don’t seem to be getting older where a lot of Red Sox players have been getting older.
  • WEEI host: When you look at Mariano Rivera, he has been doing it forever. It may be the
  • most remarkable thing that we have seen in the last 15 years that he has been able to be
  • at the top of the game and he does it with one pitch.
Peter Gammons: I wrote a column about that during the playoffs and this is not hyperbole, I really believe this
  • he is the Most Valuable Player and
  • It is just astounding."...
from transcript of WEEI interview, 12/11/09, "Peter Gammons on the Big Show," by Dan Rowinski
  • Joel Sherman has said exactly the same thing:
  • September 1, 2006, Joel Sherman, NY Post wrote the following:
"Now consider that (Mariano) Rivera is doing this for an 11th straight year,
  • though there is no doubt
  • he is both the Cy Young and MVP of the last 11 years."...
Reference: "Someday, Yankees will have to Replace Irreplaceable Mo," by Joel Sherman, NY Post, 9/1/06 From original article by Tyler Kepner on Cy Young voters avoiding Rivera, 11/9/05: Followed by Sheldon Ocker comments:
  • ''That's probably another thing that hurts him: he's had so many good seasons that, well,
  • it's just another good season for Rivera,'' Ocker said.

***''For him to get anybody's attention

(Ocker was one of 6 voters who left Rivera's name off the ballot).
  • It would take one of the brightest lights in the business such as Peter Gammons, Joel Sherman, or Tyler Kepner, to be more forthcoming on this subject. But they never will. First of all, it would make Bud Selig mad. There are other reasons, but that's the biggest one.


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