Monday, June 16, 2008

Caller prefers Cleveland not trade with Yankees, cites David Justice

If Cleveland wants to trade a pitcher, a caller to Dibs and Kevin on XM said don't trade him to the Yankees, Indians always do that, "look at David Justice, HOW many championships did they win with him" (suggesting it was a lot). Dibs and Kevin agreed with the caller that Cleveland shouldn't trade a pitcher to the Yankees, but didn't take issue on the claim about David Justice (while I was listening). With 30 teams to cover, I don't expect every detail to be known by everyone, so I looked up Justice's Yankee record including 2001: First, he was injured in 2001 and missed a month of the regular season, July 2 to August 2. Some are aware he had a distinctive kick with his foot when he swung the bat. I recall when he returned from his injury much discussion ensued on how he tried to or had to change his swing (eliminating the foot kicking part), Yankee coaches worked with him on it. It never worked out. His batting average and OPS never recovered or responded to the revised swing technique and/or whatever physical problems he may have had. Michael Kay read a stat from Elias Sports Bureau during that game (which I have on tape) that when the Yankees had a 1-0 lead on Oakland, it was the first time in 76 and 1/3 innings in which they had a lead against them. Aside from Posada, the game featured 7 innings from Mike Mussina, 2 innings from Mariano Rivera, and the famous play of Derek Jeter near home plate to tag out Jeremy Giambi, bottom 7th.
  • In 2001, it was Oakland who had the "bombers," not the Yankees:
Oakland's lineup in Game 3, 2001 ALDS:
  • Johnny Damon
  • Miguel Tejada
  • Jason Giambi
  • Jermaine Dye
  • Eric Chavez
  • Jeremy Giambi
  • Terrence Long
  • Ramon Hernandez
  • Olmedo Saenz, PH
  • F.P. Santangelo 2B
  • Frank Menechino
  • Greg Myers, PH-C
The Pitchers:
  • The 2001 ALCS was less suspenseful and lasted only 5 games.
Onto the 2001 World Series. David Justice contributed nothing. The Yankees could not score runs. After the loss, the Boss ordered: 'GET GIAMBI.' In the 7 game series:
  • Game 1: David Justice struck out 3 times. He was replaced by Shane Spencer in his final AB.
  • Game 2: David Justice did not play.
  • Game 3: David Justice was not in the lineup, but came in twice as a PH. He struck out both times.
  • Game 4: David Justice was the DH. He got 1 hit, a single, no RBI, and struck out 3 times.
  • Game 5: David Justice was the DH. In 2 AB's, had 1 BB and 1K. Chuck Knoblauch pinch ran for him in the 7th inning, but never scored.
  • Game 6: David Justice did not play.
  • Game 7: David Justice was not in the lineup. He came in once as PH in the 8th inning and got a single. No scoring ensued.
Runs scored in the 2001 World Series: No bombers and no big-time David Justice. Sorry.

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