Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fred Wilpon is the problem--Justice

"Everything that's wrong with the Mets begins with the boss, Fred Wilpon. He should have -- and could have -- taken care of the in-house tension a long time ago....
  • But that's the Mets. This organization has a history of infighting, and the
  • leadership of the franchise is
  • too weak to stop it."...
P.S. Wilpon and Nelson Doubleday may have been on the same wavelength about signing Mike Piazza, but apparently Doubleday lead the charge. (NY Times, 10/25/98). Doubleday and Wilpon did not get along, (NY Times 7/12/02) so Doubleday got out. As it got to the point where Fred could bring in his hideous son, Jeff, he beefed up spending in order to compete.
  • It always starts with the man on top. Even if things are going well, they often turn into disaster with the advent of a hideous son. (sm)

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