Monday, June 16, 2008

Opting for life without Scott Boras--White Sox player, White Sox--Bill Madden

  • From Bill Madden's NY Daily News column:
"Interesting dynamic going on with White Sox pitcher John Danks and his brother Jordan,
  • the Chisox's seventh-round draft pick out of the U. of Texas.
Last week, the brothers dropped Scott (Avenging Agent) Boras as their rep,
  • switching to Jeff Berry. Could it be because the White Sox have a notoriously acrimonious relationship with Boras
  • and have systematically rid themselves of all his clients in recent years?
As it was, Jordan Danks, a top-rated outfielder, fell to the seventh round because teams feared
  • they wouldn't be able to sign him with Boras representing him."
From Bill Madden's NY Daily News column, end of column in "A Madd, Madd World," column 6/14/08, "Willie Randolph Knows Met Injuries are no Excuse for Team's Struggles"

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