Saturday, June 14, 2008

Baseball power base lies along the Great Lakes--Claire Smith, 8/26/94

During the strike, Ms. Smith notes players felt the game wouldn't resume before face-to-face meetings with Bud Selig (described by Ms. Smith as "the spiritual leader of the owners") and Jerry Reinsdorf:
  • (From the NY Times, 8/26/94): "The players got half of what they wanted in that Jerry Reinsdorf of the White Sox came to the talks the past two days. Reinsdorf, like Selig, is widely viewed as the power in the game and the architect of the owners' strategy to harness players. Reinsdorf has never endorsed such characterizations. But they stick. As does the notion that
he and Selig have built a seemingly impenetrable power base up along the Great Lakes.

Now, almost every sentiment expressed by players is tinged with the notion that things can and will be settled if, and only if, Selig and Reinsdorf come out and play.

  • Well, Reinsdorf did. And though he did not express his thoughts publicly the past two days, he did vent in the negotiating sessions. And according to those in the sessions, Reinsdorf stood fast to the position that a new economic order that guarantees cost certainty is necessary for all clubs to thrive."...
From NY Times article by Claire Smith, "Waiting for Selig: Is Milwaukee Next on Fehr's Itinerary?" 8/26/94 Originally posted on this blog 5/11/08.
  • *These characters have been together a very long time. As with ordinary street politicians, an unnatural arsenal can build up over too much time. In both cases, term limits need to be enacted. Changes like this can be made if attendance wanes and fans have more bargaining power. Not a quixotic idea--just common sense. (sm)

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