Friday, June 13, 2008

Berkman vs Farnsworth

Jose Veras pitched in the 8th v Miguel Tejada, Lance Berkman and Carlos Lee and got out of it. On Yankee radio they mentioned Lance Berkman had 7 hits off Farnsworth in 11 at bats with 2 doubles. Which might be 1 of the reasons Farnsworth wasn't warming in the bullpen for the 8th. Per Baseball-Reference, Berkman has a .636 avg, .818 slg., 1.510 OPS v Farnsworth.
  • Mariano Rivera had pitched 5 out of the past 6 days. Having already used Jose Veras for 2 innings, they had to bring in Farnsworth.
  • Farnsworth began in his signature fashion hitting the first batter to put the tying run on base. Fortunately, Jose Molina later threw the guy (Wigginton) out attempting to steal 2nd base.

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