Tuesday, May 13, 2008

NYC Tabloid delivers political clout--Kitman, Huffington Post

35-year media critic and former Newsday employee Marvin Kitman answers why a long-since enormously rich guy would want to own a New York tabloid newspaper (even if it were losing money). Citing the example of Rupert Murdoch who owns the NY Post:
  • Rupert has a lot more political influence because he owns the Post, even more than the Fox News Channel."
From Huffington Post article by Marvin Kitman, "Why Cablevision Bought Newsday," 5/13/08
  • (It's the common sense reason for moguls owning sources of information. Why not? In the case of New York City tabloids the influence includes words and pictures that give a particular point of view to sports and news. But nice to hear a 35 year insider call it like it is). sm
via Poynter.org/Romenesko

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