Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cincinnati Reds 'Green' partner Duke Energy sued by Sierra Club

(4/21/08, MLB.com): CINCINNATI -- "The Reds are trying to "go green" this season.

Teaming with Duke Energy, the Reds purchased carbon credits to

(4/12/08 Courier and Press): INDIANAPOLIS - "The Sierra Club has accused Duke Energy Indiana Inc. of artificially inflating the amount of air pollution a proposed coal-to-gas power plant planned for Knox County would be allowed to emit.

And that, the club charges, artificially inflated the amount of air pollution its replacement plant will be allowed to emit.

  • In February, the Sierra Club was one of three environmental groups that appealed Indiana's approval of an air pollution permit for the new plant. They cited health risks to residents and warned of the construction costs passed on to consumers.

Duke Energy counters that the Sierra Club is incorrect, that the Edwardsport plant complied with the Clean Air Act and that the environmental group simply wants to block the coal-to-gas power plant from being built."....

Reference, MLB.com, "Reds Set to Celebrate Earth Day, Club buys carbon credits for Tuesday's 'Go Green' Game," 4/21/08

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