Tuesday, May 13, 2008

AP article about Mariners attendance should consider gas prices

Quite a long AP article about declining Mariners attendance which is a shame under any circumstances with a beautiful stadium and good to great players. Billionaires and it seems AP/MLB writers have no feeling for the continuous rise of oil and food prices for average people. Decreases in attendance should be expected. On average several hundred dollars a month are no longer available for discretionary spending that were available a year or 2 ago. If you were lucky enough to have that kind of budget to begin with.
  • This cannot be whitewashed. In my own case, Starbucks was the first to get cutback, and the list grew from there. I know of a company that relinquished Yankee box seats they had for over 50 years. Many can still afford the expense of going to games, but many cannot. The money is gone. Are AP/MLB writers so sheltered they don't know the difference a few hundred dollars a month can make to people?
Reference: AP story, "Mariners Stung by Small Attendance," 5/12/08, published on SportingNews.com

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