Friday, May 16, 2008

Keith Hernandez with Mike and Chris on WFAN re Willie Randolph

Hernandez says he's a Willie Randolph fan, he's done a good job, and if you want to compare him to Joe Torre, Torre had one big thing Willie doesn't:
  • Veteran players who set an example in the clubhouse.
Hernandez doesn't name individual offenders , but Delgado and Beltran come to mind. (I understand they've both had injuries, but the discussion is about the clubhouse). He cites Yankee clubhouse influences for Torre as Jeter, Posada, and Bernie Williams-I understand Williams was quiet, and his lack of attentiveness and rush to get out of the clubhouse were discussed in later years, but he was something of an influence for many regular and post seasons and was at least not disdainful of his place. Hernandez doesn't cite what Bill Madden has reported as the reasons Randolph can't influence the clubhouse:
  • Fred Wilpon
  • Jeff Wilpon (Born on third base and thinks he hit a home run.* Jim Dolan without a guitar).
  • Omar Minaya
  • Tony Bernazard
(*This definition courtesy of commenter James).
  • Bill Madden, NY Daily News: 10/3/07:
Henderson was one of the game's greatest players and he combined that with an engaging personality. But as a coach, his contributions have been minimal.
  • Around the clubhouse, he is jokingly referred to as the card-playing coach, and those close to the situation say
Randolph has had to bite his tongue every day when he arrives at the clubhouse only to see Henderson playing cards with the players. anyone more disappointing (to use Wilpon's word) than Reyes these past six weeks?
  • We also hear that Mets brass is regretting not giving Manny Acta the manager's job three years ago. That chatter grew louder last week when Acta's Washington Nationals were pounding the Mets 12-4 and 9-8 in the first two games of their series in D.C. One can only imagine what Randolph must have thought

seeing Mets assistant GM Tony Bernazard openly fraternizing with Acta for nearly an hour before the Mets' games in D.C. in August and then again last Wednesday.

  • As it is, Bernazard spends way too much time in the Met clubhouse, which is supposed to be the manager's domain.

But as former Mets manager Bobby Valentine - who complained bitterly to ownership about then-GM Steve Phillips constantly holding court in his clubhouse - can attest, around the Mets that's just not the case."...

P.S. A team forced to work in an environment such as the Mets have created would have a hard time winning. (sm)
  • *If links to NY Daily News default to current issue, try putting the article's headline in google.
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