Sunday, April 06, 2008

This NY Times writer does not exhibit a knowledge of the Mitchell Report

(NOTE: By way of disclosure, THE NY TIMES and George Mitchell are part of the same baseball ownership group (ie. The Red Sox). This is not mentioned in the NY Times article).
  • players such as Troy Glaus, Rick Ankiel, and Scott Schoeneweis would be exempt from discipline
all other similar players would have to be off the hook as well if whatever they did was before Jan. 13, 2005 and they hadn't failed a drug test. "NY Times: "Glaus and Schoeneweis met last year with Major League Baseball officials. On Dec. 6, the commissioner’s office announced that they would not be disciplined because there was insufficient evidence that either of them violated the drug-testing program in effect at the time." It has nothing to do with George Mitchell's "wording," "language," or Blue Ribbon "recommendations." It's because Bud already set the precedent in late 2007.
  • (The "suspensions" item is at the end of George Vecsey's column about Andy Pettitte, his "story" and his endearing southern accent, 4/6/08).
P.S. Since Mr. Vecsey is sensitive to "stories," he'll no doubt be buying Paul Byrd's book when it hits the stands in a few months.

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