Friday, April 04, 2008

Signs of once familiar Grim Reaper: The Yankees Close and Late

In case you buy into the misnomer, "The Bronx Bombers"... "Close and Late" usually means pitching and microscopic things--not bombs (and not "useless" ones anyway):
  • "Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons recognized the script being written and simply hoped there might be a surprise ending against the New York Yankees.
Nothing against John Gibbons, but like other managers he also brings up the "powerhouse" bit (National Post article)--I think they do that hoping their ownership will feel sorry for them and spend more money. Which is fine, a manager should do that. The only big power in 3 games for the Yankees was in the one "useless" Arod blast the night the Blue Jays won. (The Melky 315 footer, and the Damon triple). The 2 games the Yankees won were excruciatingly close--there was no "powerhouse" on either team for those 2 games. It was "Close and Late" city. "I don’t like many things about the New York Yankees. After years of rooting for the Baltimore Orioles, with few recent dividends in October, it’s easy to focus anger, angst and annoyance at the old Highlanders.
  • That famous Yankee arrogance is the biggest reason.
  • Alex Rodriguez,
  • Mariano Rivera and
  • the new kid pitcher, “Joba” Chamberlain, have arrogance a-plenty.
When Chamberlain put on a spastic display of bravado after striking out Toronto’s Frank Thomas in a critical, late-inning situation Tuesday night, it was the same old story. I hope Frank remembers. Perspective is helpful.

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