Friday, December 21, 2007

Why ESPN is hiring print writers away--Wall St. Journal

"Long the home of razzle-dazzle TV highlights, ESPN has been stocking up on reporters' notebooks and ballpoint pens.

  • For more than a year now, the Walt Disney Co.-controlled enterprise has been raiding news organizations for sports journalists, from big-name players like columnist Rick Reilly of Sports Illustrated to behind-the-scenes talent like Kristin Huckshorn, former deputy sports editor at the New York Times and now a senior news editor overseeing ESPN's new newsmagazine show "E:60."

It has been a good time for poaching. As newspapers and magazines struggle with declining revenue and cutbacks, ESPN is still awash in TV money. But this is more than a competitive shopping spree -- it is a step toward reinventing the franchise."....

From Wall St. Journal article by Adam Thompson, "Why a Cable TV Network is Hiring the Ink-Stained," 12/21/07

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  • So I just clicked on Si MLb. A picture of Jason Grimsley greets me, and Guess which uniform he's in. Now here are some clues even though he pitched for 5 teams and for 15 years he spent only 2 years of time with this team, his time came not at the end or beginning of his career but right in the middle it and with this team he probably had his least glamorous position (not a starter or set up but as an untrusted mop up man) Guess it yet?

    By Blogger james, at 4:51 PM  

  • I can't imagine, but a couple places screwed up the other day and put Grimsley in a non-Yankee uniform. I read in the past he said he didn't start til after he left the Yankees. I've been checking all the dates on the names jammed into the 2000 Yankees--with no evidence they used during that year--and am about half finished. If the holy grail is Mitchell/Radomski, no one was accused of using during the 2000 Yankees, except maybe Clemens. They came up with Glenallen Hill yesterday and Radomski's only check from him is in 2001. They jam Allen Watson in too without steroids or HGH--something unspecified, and with no dates mentioned in his career. They keep forgetting the greatest story of the year is Paul Byrd and his dental excuse.

    By Blogger susan mullen, at 5:50 PM  

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