Thursday, December 20, 2007

World Baseball Classic should be next casualty of Mitchell Report

Our players are barely able to do what we already ask of them--162 games, an all star game, and 3 levels of post season play. That's what the Mitchell Report told us in detail. The World Baseball Classic cannot involve our players for a number of reasons, but first because they're not physically able.
  • "Bud" and Gene have vast business interests to protect, forget about our players long since proving the physical stress of 162 games, 3 levels of post season play, and an All Star game are more than enough for them. For an AP report to come out at this particular moment about the WBC is pathetic timing. This one notes Cuba anticipates playing again.
Remember this:
  • Roger Clemens was MLB's biggest salesman for the WBC--and he wasn't employed by a team at the time. Are they going to put Clemens out there again as their shining example?
  • Tommy Lasorda dramatically criticized George Steinbrenner on prime time television, saying he was selfish for worrying about (the health) of his team's players. Other media members joined in round the clock saying no one should worry about injuries and there must be "collective sacrifice."
  • When the WBC was over, many of these same media members changed their tune.
  • In light of recent events, no one in their right mind can tell a player or owner he must sacrifice himself.
Who will stop this runaway train before it's too late?

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