Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Red Sox fans apparently will never get over Clemens

From The Ellsworth American: "Don't waste your time watching the Rocket defend himself on "60 Minutes" on Jan. 6th. It's shaping up to be as big a fraud as his post-Sox baseball career.... The New England publication also reports Wallace saying he and Clemens are "friends." I don't care about Clemens one way or the other, but Red Sox fans can't let go of him, analyze his every move.
  • P.S. On the other hand, I assume Red Sox fans consider a director of their own team, George Mitchell, as having no problems being objective about topics concerning Clemens, the Yankees, etc.
Reference, The Ellsworth American (Maine) article by Lisa Keenan, "Mike Wallace, Clemens Fan," 12/26/07

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  • How often did the writers and radio heads lecture us on the impeachable integrity of the financially motived career politician Mitchell. That his surely graft lined pockets wouldn't risk his reputation to unfairly target the Yankees and the fact that the report unfairly targets the Yankees is either a coincidence or an almost wholly Yankee Problem. His career achievement, peace in Northern Ireland. Aside from not being true the only problem is the motivation for "peace" was not Mitchell it was 9/11 and the fact that Irish Americans would no longer give money to a terrorist organization like Sinn Féin. So like Arafat once did Gerry Adams has decided to play peace maker for a while. He still comes to a bar once a year 3 blocks from my house to raise money from the same people who gave him his money for guns. Why? Like it was with Arafat it won't be long before people start dying again. Investigate that Mitchell.

    But we can't trust Mike Wallace because he is a Yankees fan. If you ever saw the Insider (true story, great film) Christopher Plummer and the film portrayed Mike Wallace negatively becuase he wouldn't fight to get a story on the air that the Network lawyers were afraid would result in a multi billion dollar lawsuit and possibly result in losing the CBS network to the Tobacco industry. This happened 12 years ago and Wallace defended himself to his friend that at his age he had nothing left but his reputation and how he would be remembered. After all he had done and all he accomplished he couldn't let that be as the man who destroyed the CBS network. The Man who grips white knuckled to his name and reputation today has become Jerome from Manhattan. Lisa Keenan should be ashamed of herself and so should Lupica and the rest of the writers who will surely follow her. They will too because the reason Clemens asked to be interviewed by Wallace was he was looking for someone who wouldn't sandbag him and because he wont Wallace will be skewered by these Jackals the Day after it airs. If he was looking for softballs he would have gone to Larry King and discussed HGH, Steroids and Garlique.

    By Blogger james, at 11:50 PM  

  • Very interesting as usual, James, I didn't know all that timeline about the Irish so-called peace agreement. But I agree it won't be permanent--great item about Gerry Adams. I'm getting more angry about all this, not less. Now I have to read some snide remark from ESPN relating to Mo's comments about Andy. For God's sake, Mitchell is chairman of ESPN so of course they'll characterize it negatively. The whole subject should be off the table anyway.

    By Blogger susan mullen, at 12:00 AM  

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