Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cleveland media guilt complex showing re Indians tainted 2007 ALDS

Time and media holidays allow us to see the overlooked story of the Mitchell report--Paul Byrd. Hoping to distract the public from this, Paul Hoynes comes out the other day praising the 2007 Indians for doing it with "character and conviction." The talk of that game was actually the reverse of what Pluto says, that the Yankees "whined:" "and the Yankees whined" Pluto writes.
  • Which is of course a joke because the talk during and after the game was that JOE TORRE HAD NOT WHINED, HAD NOT FLINCHED DURING JOBA'S WHOLE BUG EPISODE. Pluto's supposed proof is a throwaway line from Derek Jeter who's the last person to whine about anything.
"Talk about a home-field advantage," said Derek Jeter, as if the bugs only landed on players from New York....
  • At that point, you knew the Yankees were finished in the series." (Pluto says)

Translation: The Yankees final demise wasn't cheater Paul Byrd's tainted game 4.

  • Pluto: "Yes, you gotta love The Bug Game.

if any group of fans earned a good memory, it's us."

  • Translation: Since we're the Indians and not the Yankees, we suffer every day. So, no matter how we won, we deserve to be happy.

Article by Terry Pluto from Cleveland Plain Dealer, "This Memory Won't Fly Away," 12/26/07

  • P.S. I didn't write the 2 articles referenced, nor am I the one who doesn't deny being an active HGH user. Those who seek affiliation with ESPN or MLB don't want to focus on Paul Byrd, so be prepared for this issue to be ignored and labeled crazy or conspiracist. The New York media have not written articles like this about their home-town boys-sorry.

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  • At that point, you knew the Yankees were finished in the series - the Yankees won the next game, come from behind too. Some Memory. The writers would have written that the Bugs made the Yankees mad and fired them up if they had won the next 3 games. It's never about the game always some nonsense.

    By Blogger james, at 3:34 PM  

  • Right--the serendipitous timing of Byrd's leak by ESPN employees (Fainuru and Williams) to the SF Chron. has caused all sorts of things to happen. I'd forgotten about the game after the Bugs game myself. And that game wasn't exactly a blow-out by the Indians.

    By Blogger susan mullen, at 4:44 PM  

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