Sunday, December 23, 2007

Note to baseball players: Cheating on the Cleveland Indians gets you love (not hate).

  • Note to baseball players: if you cheat in Cleveland you'll get away with it. If you cheat or are mentioned in passing as ever having spoken about cheating while passing through the Bronx, you'll probably lose your career.
In New York, a Yankee player mentioned in passing in the Mitchell Report is rushed by the media into the "tainted dynasty" trough. I just noticed an article from a Cleveland newspaper praising the 2007 Indians team for "character and conviction." I was surprised to see this, as they had a pitcher on record having bought 1000 vials of HGH and 100 syringes. Paul Byrd also told big lies, kept his goods in clubhouse fridges, said MLB knew about his "pituitary problem" (which they denied) and is reported by ESPN.com to be selling a book about his life as a Christian. (All of these things have been recently linked on this blog which almost no one reads).
  • Today we have an article from Cleveland baseball media, Paul Hoynes. He doesn't even mention Paul Byrd til the end of the article, and then very softly. How's this for contrast--a love story describing a team with a blatant cheater who helped them win a pennant this year as built on "character and conviction:"
"Cleveland Indians' 2007 Season Built With Character and Conviction," by Paul Hoynes, Cleveland Plain Dealer, 12/23/07.....
  • (I didn't make this up--it's an actual article). sm

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  • Gun to my head I've always thought Clemens did steroids (as did many of his competitors) but his denials have been strong and left no wiggle room, so for Christmas What I want is for Clemens to be exonerated for this and sue every hack writer and radio blow hard in the country. I hope he makes 10X more in law suits then he did as a player. Well that an omnipotent power for myself.

    By Blogger james, at 10:07 PM  

  • I agree, I've never been a big fan of his, but since the only evidence against him is apparently verbal, he's welcome to deny it. Plus, the Mitchell report used the now discredited LA Times story against him and Pettitte as substantiation, and plenty of people should take a hit for that.

    By Blogger susan mullen, at 10:26 PM  

  • I forgot I was going to mention how the media was undreesed after the 1996 Olympic bombing and they assassinated Richard Jewell's character. What that must be like to be unfairly taken to pieces like that and even though he was exonerated and made millions in settlements the man still died at 44. Not to compare him to Jackie Robinson who also died to young but my mother since I was a child swore the way he was treated took years off his life and that was the sacrifice he made for everyone. Richard Jewell made a similar sacrfice not one he would have signed up for. No evidence just suspicion and an entire country hounding you. The media has no evidence on Clemens just an excuse to finally print articles and go on long diatribes that they have been frothing at the mouth to do for 10 years.

    Oh and my favorite "evidence" the media came up with about Rocket was how he didn't deny the report even though he did the hour it came out. Then he denied it again and it's not good enough becuase it was on paper so now he did it on You Tube and that wont be good enough. Will Mike Wallace? Roger Clemens greatest Sin is that he doesn't skip to their loo and that's all the evidence they need to hang him.

    By Blogger james, at 10:27 PM  

  • As time goes by it becomes more apparent that Jackie Robinson is the closest thing we've had to a saint in a long time.

    By Blogger susan mullen, at 12:12 AM  

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