Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Paul Byrd doesn't deny using HGH while pitching vs Yankees in Game 4, 2007 ALDS

From NY Daily News, 10/22/07:
  • "Asked if he was currently taking HGH, Byrd said, "That's a private matter with me. I do still have a pituitary issue.""
From NY Daily News article by Anthony McCarron and TJ Quinn, "MLB Denies Allowing Paul Byrd to Use HGH," 10/22/07. Filed from Boston on the night of Byrd's press comments.
  • Most people who read or write baseball blogs would love to work for ESPN or have some involvement with MLB--including those who identify themselves as Yankee fans. The Paul Byrd issue should overshadow most other so-called "Mitchell Report" media hysteria but it doesn't. It's not what MLB or ESPN (chairman of their parent company is also George Mitchell) wants. People who think it would be a "dream" to work in this kind of monopolistic environment harm their chances of doing so if they stray from the current attack format--ie Andy Pettitte's reported and admitted 2x usage in early 2002 in Tampa while on the DL. (sm)

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