Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mitchell Report: No Evidence v Jason Grimsley while a Yankee (sorry)

"Radomski produced 14 checks written by Grimsley from totaling $35,400. Grimsley's name, with several addresses and telephone numbers, is listed in an address book seized by federal agents." P.S. If you'd like to imagine something else, then imagine all the players who weren't mentioned at all. (sm) Or this:
  • HOW ABOUT GRIMSLEY HELPING ALBERT BELLE GET AWAY WITH USING A CORKED BAT IN 1994? From Royals Retrospective blog, 3/13/07, "Jason Grimsley #96 in Top 100 Royals:"
"Grimsley bounced around from the Astros to the Indians where he was pretty terrible for some pretty good Indians teams. His greatest value lay in protecting slugger Albert Belle. In 1994, White Sox manager Gene Lamont suspected Belle of using a corked bat. The umpires confiscated Belle's bat in the umpire room to be examined by the league office. But the bat was clean and Belle was never reprimanded. ''I was asked whether I would tell the story if there would be no repercussions,'' Grimsley said. ''I figured it was about time.''"

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