Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mariano Rivera could be greatest relief pitcher to date...Michael Hoban, 12/26/07

A longtime SABR member, Michael Hoban, Ph.D, reaches the following conclusion about Mariano Rivera--without post season or All Star numbers. Dr. Hoban's new book, "Baseball's Best, The True Hall of Famers," covers relief pitchers in Chapter 11. It incorporates his "NEWS" analysis tool which among other stats recognizes Win Shares: 2. "The 150/1700 standard – The true relievers

There are only five pitchers in the 20th century who have attained a NEWS score of 150 while pitching in fewer than 1700 innings. These are the true relievers who have definite HOF numbers. Here they are:

Player IP NEWS
Mariano Rivera 953 175
Lee Smith 1289 164
Bruce Sutter 1042 164
Dan Quisenberry 1043 156
Rollie Fingers 1701 155

Rollie Fingers just makes it since he actually pitched in 1701 innings. Only Bruce Sutter and Fingers are in the Hall of Fame.

You will note that Trevor Hoffman (the “saves” leader) is not on this list. His NEWS score is 142.

"From Seamheads.com blog, 12/26/07" (I was directed to this work by another blog, Sean Lahman's Seamhead.com on which he has a chart of Dr. Hoban's work. Seamhead.com posts Dr. Hoban's results. ed.)

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  • Nice to see Dan Quisenberry. He is too often forgotten about, he was tremendous. Lee Smith is often brought up and dismissed by the baseball media as a HOF candidate. Which I don't understand becuase he was better than Hoffman and I base that not on numbers but on Eyesight.

    Speaking of Eyes that work Mo better than the Hoff and everyone else and not including the Post Season. Well what can I say it's Christmas or any other day of the Year.

    Speaking of the Hoff their was a story Yesterday on Espn (Stark I think) about what Hoffman went threw after personally destroying the San Diego Padres season. I kept waiting for the writer to make excuses for Trevor but he didn't, It was a refreshing change. Point of the 2 page story was after a month Hoffman realized it was just a game and his kids were more important, something Rivera says while he's walking off the field after a bad lose - Rivera even loses better than Hoffman. Also If any one gave Rivera the credit he deserves they would remember the 2004 post season when Rivera flew from Panama to New York and pitched 1 1/3 innings after burying his cousins while they are only now starting to lose their patience with that clown Stephon Marbury.

    By Blogger james, at 12:16 AM  

  • not an espn story it was Si and Verducci

    By Blogger james, at 1:52 AM  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger susan mullen, at 2:14 AM  

  • Thanks for the tip, interesting it came from SI, too.

    By Blogger susan, at 12:25 AM  

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