Friday, December 28, 2007

LaTroy Hawkins on Sirius radio: drug use is "not my business"

From Watchdog blog: "New Yankee LaTroy Hawkins appeared on Sirius Satellite Radio and had an interesting take on the steroids saga in MLB:
  • Host Jason Page: “You’re stepping into this Yankee fray. It’s going to be kind of an awkward time. You know in the pre-season especially there are going to be all the questions about what Roger Clemens did, Andy Pettitte did and all that stuff. How do you kind of side-step that stuff when the media comes to you on it?”
  • Page: “You don’t care if hitters are juicing up?”

From Neil Best's Watchdog blog on Newsday, 12/28/07

  • P.S. Andy Pettitte has never been connected to steroids at any time by anyone. Except the New York media, an example of which you see in the intro to this item on the Newsday reporter's sports media blog. Of course, this is peanuts compared to the gallons of ink used in headlines or bile passed through radio and tv guys.

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