Wednesday, November 14, 2007

John Sterling on WFAN today re: "An A-Bomb...from A-rod!"

John was on with Mike Francesa and Chris Russo contributing some gravitas to the Arod reporting. I'm a Sterling fan, so was happy to hear him. He was on via phone in mid-afternoon, AND they replayed his interview opening their 5PM hour. Sterling's angle was his being assured from a Yankee corporate type several days ago and again today that the Arod deal was first in the works, and today looking like a "101%" go. John's connections of course based on his 20+ years working with the team. He said he's "scooping" himself because he has a daily sports comment on WCBS AM radio 880 in NYC at 6:17 pm, where tonight he'd probably be saying....
  • "An A-bomb.....from A-rod!"
Update: 10:09PM, Steve Somers on WFAN opens his show with the story and features of course the voice of John Sterling with the "A-Bomb....From A-Rod...!" Somers brings up a good point--nothing is final with Arod--he still may end up elsewhere.

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