Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Globe Trotting approved by "new" Yankees--NY Times

It's always interesting when Hank talks. For instance, he first said Joba's a starter, period, case closed. Then a few days ago on the subject, he said in effect you never know. Girardi's statements have also left the door open. So I had hope. But now Tyler Kepner writes Hank is back and worse. He uses the word "waste" in reference to what Joba did last year which tells me there's a long road ahead to convince Hank to let Joba setup:
  • (NY Times quote from Hank): “I can tell you this: With Mariano back, Joba will not be in the bullpen,” Steinbrenner said. “I’m not going to waste Joba as a setup guy, period. That’d be crazy. We all want to see what he can do as a starter.”
On recent signings, official announcements won't be made until physicals and final contract language are complete:
  • (NY Times): "The Yankees have not announced the signings yet, because the players must pass physicals and the sides must complete contract language. Catcher José Molina’s two-year, $4 million deal has also not been announced."
On Girardi's attendance at the GM and other meetings, the Times said Joe Torre didn't attend the Winter Meetings in a way that made it appear it was his choice not to do so. I'd heard Steinbrenner usually didn't want Torre to go to these meetings. It took Steinbrenner a long time to even let Brian Cashman go to some of the meetings. He just didn't want his people out there buzzing around with all the vultures, which I understand.
  • (NY Times): "Joe Torre was often the only manager in the majors to skip the winter meetings. Girardi, meanwhile, is everywhere. The Yankees are not used to such off-season activity from their manager, but they like it."
Kepner also notes Girardi's recent trip to the Dominican Republic of which Hank approved. The father, George, didn't like that stuff at all at least from Torre and for a long time from Cashman. It was someone else taking the national or international spotlight away from him. And the "organization" was weighed down with a faction that tried to make Torre's existence impossible. (sm)

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