Friday, January 26, 2007

Mets advantage over YES Network--Raissman, NY Daily News

I've mentioned before that the Mets channel, SNY, has shown more acknowledgment of meaningful Yankee events than the hideous YES Network. Bob Raissman, commenting on SNY's handling of Willie Randolph's new contract, notes the Mets channel 's studios are actually in New York City, while the YES Network's are in Connecticut. YES Network studio productions show no sign of an actual Yankee fan being involved. Rather, the most important items or events are never shown or spoken about.
  • They're geographically and philosophically much more like ESPN which is already in control of all baseball information. They operate as an independent state with no Yankee influence. I watch it as little as possible.

"Man, they were all smiling for those SNY cameras.

  • The occasion marked the first time one of the local baseball teams (both own networks) staged this kind of event from its own studio.
  • Unless the Yankees are going to bus the media up to Connecticut, where the Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network studio is located, the Mets are the only team in town that can pull this off.

Litner said it was all part of SNY's theory of inclusion. Yesterday, he opened the door and let everyone in. All were invited. Even MSG's Anthony Fucilli was seen roaming around the premises.

"We're very inclusive," Litner said. "We are inclusive of all the teams, all the events, all the media, all the viewers. Others have a different point of view on that. We've been very consistent."

Mr. Randolph will second that emotion.

After all, he's also included in SNY's plans.

They may even be spelled out in that new contract."

From NY Daily News, Bob Raissman's column Originally published on January 26, 2007

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