Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bernie Williams--please, enough with the gab--just keep him.

Bernie’s been a great one for us,” said Gene Michael, the Yankees’ senior vice president who oversaw Williams’s development. “He’s done a great job for a long time. It’d be different without Bernie. I like Bernie a lot. He can still play.” Quote from NY Times article by Tyler Kepner, 1/24/07

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  • Since I had to watch Mickey Mantle leave, twice: once from the NYY, and once forever, I'm not too broken up about Bernie. The guy was great & has a music career, though frankly, he's decent but. . .. Any way good things are there for him stay or not.

    The amazing thing is how Omar the Metmaker will sign any of his antique compadres but Bernie's not good enough? As for the story from Boston saying they had ' no interest!' They can all @%#*! & @%#*!
    A lot.

    By Anonymous Juke, at 3:27 AM  

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