Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Report: Juan Uribe attends hearing with 2 White Sox executives

From Dominican Today:

SAN CRISTOBAL, Dominican Republic. - The San Cristóbal Court of Appeals rescheduled a hearing for February 7 in which Dominican Major Leagues player Juan Uribe requested a review of a lower Court’s measure ordering him to appear on the 15tn and 30th of each month before the Office of the Prosecutor here.

Uribe arrived today Wednesday in this city’s courthouse accompanied by 2 Chicago White Sox executives and a new legal representative, the famed lawyer Marino Elsevif Pineda, according to the local news site almomento.net.

The major leaguer is accused of shooting the farm worker Antonio González in the left arm in an incident which took place in the park of the nearby community Juan Baron, on October 12.

After his indictment, Instruction Court judge Regina Carvajal ruled to implement the restrictive measures against Uribe in San Cristóbal.

With this hearing’s postponement, the White Sox player’s presence in spring training is now in doubt.

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