Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ben Bradlee agrees with me! About Kornheiser!

Putting an entirely different slant on Kornheiser's signing with WTWP radio than earlier reports:

  • "Kornheiser gives up plenty to go with the home radio team—probably money, certainly reach, unless he can somehow partner with ESPN.

This latest event sheds some light on how far the Post will go to keep its brand-name stars.

  • It took a personal appeal from Ben Bradlee to bring Kornheiser to Post radio."

(From The Washingtonian.com, 1/25/07 by Harry Jaffe)

Wow! I found this item at the very end of an article about Michael Wilbon--it was an afterthought to the writer's main thesis. It shows there's usually more going on than meets the eye. The best part is: somebody finally agrees with me on something! And it's Ben Bradlee for God's sake!

  • That won't mean much to most of you, but he was a big deal at one time. (sm)
(This is an update to my 1/24 post about Tony Kornheiser's return to DC radio)

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