Saturday, November 18, 2006


SANTO DOMINGO. - The Mets of New York is next to sign to the Dominican Moisés Alou by an amount considered in eight million dollars for the season of the 2007, according to expressed a source close friend to the gardener.(outfielder). The agreement is almost safe that east weekend is concluded and the set will come to the confirmation and presentation of the veteran, who will become a Hispanic more than he happens to form rows of the metropolitans. Last night one inquired that the player was outside the Capital city, but people near him became echo of the movement. The virtual company/signature of Moisés with the Mets would turn the left gardener of that set, being united to Carlos Beltrán and Shawn Green. Cliff Floyd, who has carried out that position in the last three years, is a free agent and she does not hope that the club returns it to sign. Of concretizar the pact with Moisés, it would be united to Jose Reyes, Pedro Martinez, Julio Franco, Guillermo Speck, Duaner Sanchez and Anderson Hernandez, like the Dominican peloteros that act for the set that has like general manager to the Creole Omar Minaya. Alou would excessively fortify the house of being able of the Meters, that already count on Beltrán, the own Green, as well as Carlos Delgado and David Wright. This report from Listin Diario, by Pedro G. Briceno, translated by google, 11/18/06

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