Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wind patterns confound at Rangers' ballpark--Bob Elliott notices

"The Rangers consulted with a Toronto-based engineering firm to determine if glassed-in premium seating behind home plate affected wind patterns at Ameriquest Field in Arlington, Tex. The verdict was that more testing is needed. The Rangers' front office apparently refuses to believe its baseball people, who swear the jet stream to right field has increased since the introduction of those seats for the high rollers in 1999."
  • There must be a few dozen stats guys on this case of jet stream factors.
Bob also notes:

"Unanswered questions...

Why does Gustavo Chacin, out with an injured left-elbow, continue to greet excited teammates by raising his left hand over his head to take high-fives from excited home run hitters when they enter the dugout? ... Where will Shea and Barry dine tonight? ... Why did MLB agree to an Olympic qualifier which begins in August and ends Sept. 6? Is a minor leaguer with hopes of a September callup supposed to surrender six days of major-league pay? "

Thanks to Bob Elliott, Toronto Sun 7/23/06

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