Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dear Diary, It looks like Arod has the yips

Arod appears unable to overcome his throwing problems, his errors being the clear cause of 2 Yankee losses this month (tonight's v Toronto and 2 weeks ago v Tampa Bay). He also caused the team to waste efforts of its pitching staff in a losing effort. With all the money and experts in the world at his disposal, he shows no sign of curing himself. If you've been around long enough to've seen Chuck Knoblauch, you know these things don't go away. More misleading media info--Erica Herskowitz on WFAN just did her little sports update, chirping that Mussina gave up fourrrrr runnnns in the 6th, making no mention of Arod's errors, & that all the runs were not charged to Mussina. Is it bias? Whatever it is, she obviously knows management won't care or doesn't exist. And of course Richard Neer dumps on Mariano, doesn't mention BJ Ryan's blown save or Arod's error. He did so while speaking to Sweeney Murti who's a complete dolt & doesn't attempt to clear up another calculated mass media distortion. Arod isn't a bad player, but you don't have to be a stats guy to know a team can't win a championship with a 3rd baseman with the yips. All the other teams are ecstatic now. Too bad they don't remember they also got $100 million of the Yankee fan's money in luxury tax and revenue sharing. Neer also says, "I'M JUST AFRAID AROD WILL TAKE THE BRUNT OF THIS LOSS." Why are you 'afraid' Richard? Do you have a book deal with him? Neer, you're as bad as the rest--your bias renders you unable to report on baseball events.

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