Friday, July 21, 2006

NY TIMES--Loss Falls to Rivera; Blame Goes to Rodriguez

IF THIS WERE TREVOR OR KROD, OR ANY OTHER CLOSER,THERE WOULD BE NO HEADLINE--THE FIELDING ERRORS WOULD'VE BEEN THE NEWS. AND AS WAS DONE FOR KROD EARLIER THIS YEAR, A REPORT EVEN ALLOWED 'HE WAS BEGINNING HIS 2ND INNING OF WORK.' AS WAS MARIANO TONIGHT, BUT NO SUCH ALLOWANCE WAS GIVEN. AND NO 'BJ RYAN BLOWS SAVE.' Rodriguez wastes his pitchers' efforts, to the hysterical glee of the baseball monopoly. From Tyler Kepner's report in the NY Times: When Alex Rodriguez made three throwing errors on Monday, the Yankees won in spite of him. When he threw away a sure out at home plate at Rogers Center on Thursday, it mattered a lot more.

Rodriguez’s error changed the course of the Yankees’ game against the Blue Jays. It led to a four-run sixth inning off Mike Mussina, costing the Yankees a lead they had built against the Toronto ace Roy Halladay.

Though the Yankees tied the game off closer B. J. Ryan in the eighth inning, they walked off the field as 5-4 losers when Vernon Wells homered off Mariano Rivera in the 11th. It was the first homer Rivera has allowed in more than 11 months.

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